Tailored for scale.

Custom AI solutions for efficient visual production.

Seamless automation for your competitive advantage

hours saved
money saved
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We employ AI to work for you.

Our expertise in visual AI solutions lets us create automated custom visual production pipelines to fit your business needs, whatever they might be.

Versatile solutions for visual production.

We help you scale your business by maximising efficiency for visual generation. Our client-first and agile approach to product development helps us answer your needs with speed and precision. We provide solutions for:
Style transfer/Rotoscoping
Video denoising and upscaling

Cost-efficient growth.

Scale your business portfolio, not your expense book. With tailored AI solutions, you’ll be able to get the most out of your team. 
Faster output
Increased flexibility
Efficient growth

Customised to your specific needs.

Every business is different. Every problem is different. We provide solutions that are tailored just for you. Let us know of the tasks you have in mind and we’ll find a way to automate them.

AI, made just for you.

We don’t believe in catch-all solutions. Every tool we develop is designed for a specific problem to solve.

Tailored to your business

Every business is unique. We respect that and build tools that solve your problems.

Train on your data

We train your AI models on your own data, so it always knows what you’re looking for.

Turn complex into simple.

Our solutions are easy to use, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

Our process.

Crafting a fully functional AI model takes time. This is the timeline you can expect when working with us.

AI verification

First we discover areas in your pipeline that we can automate with AI. This process can take up to 1 week.


Data preparation

We help you prepare high-quality datasets for model training. This part usually takes 4-6 weeks.



With your datasets, we teach the AI model on small datasets to pin down the right parameters to solve your tasks. Depending on the difficulty of the task, this process can take up to 3-4 months.


Final AI model preparation

Once we are able to solve your tasks with small datasets, we train it on the bigger dataset for consistency. We prepare the final model in 2 weeks.


Review and test

Once we get the AI model running, we keep analysing the results to see if there’s any bugs for us to resolve. We keep working till you’re constantly happy with the results.


Tweaks and maintenance

We provide technical support and assistance so your tools are available when you need them.

Human-centric approach to AI.

Our goal is not to replace humans with AI, but to make them better at their craft than ever before. We design our AI models with humans in mind, so you can take your creative ideas to the next level.

Putting artists first.

Our founders Simona and Kęstutis jumped into AI with one goal in mind – to give tools for artists capable of making their dreams a reality.  By automating the repetitive and mundane, we're able to let artists focus on what they do best – creating unforgettable stories.

Helping businesses grow.

Today we’re a fast-growing team of diverse professionals, with a mission to bring ways to employ AI to every business. By having a completely customisable pipeline, we're able to tailor our solutions to almost any unique problem with speed and precision.

Meet our team

Simona Vasytė-Kudakauskė
Chief Executive Officer
Kęstutis Taučkėla
Chief Technology Officer
Vėja Doveikė
Head of Sales
Peter Betenev
Creative Director
Rytis Kelminskas
Head of Marketing
Modestas Gražys
AI Researcher
Vaidotas Senkus
DevOps Engineer
Tadas Goberis
Python Developer
Aistė Kanapickaitė
Harutyun Aslanyan
Lead Research Specialist
Python Engineer

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