Practice makes Perfection.

From two passionate friends to a team of ambitious overachievers - every day we're working to take humans closer to Perfection. From higher quality work to more efficient teams, our focus is to bring the best out of every professional with the help of AI.

Our backstory.

Our founders Simona and Kęstutis began their journey into AI in 2011. Back then they were developing a mobile game “Battle Towers”. They used artificial intelligence to solve gameplay balancing problems.

The result was an enjoyable and highly competitive game. The early developments of AI systems uncovered exciting possibilities that both Simona and Kęstutis didn’t want to miss.

Beginning of Perfection42.

In 2018, our shifted focus from game development to machine learning led to establishing Perfection42.  While working with different clients, we noticed that besides common challenges like lack of time and money, finding great professional artists is the biggest blocker to scaling a business. 

So instead of developing human-replacing AI, we began building solutions for automating repetitive and mundane tasks that let artists concentrate on what matters most – creating great stories and visuals.

Our goal today.

Today we’re on a journey to help businesses scale with the help of AI. We build our tailored solutions with humans in mind, knowing well that AI is just an amplifier of their amazing ideas. We’re here to help make those ideas bigger and better than ever before. 

As our company grows, so is our ambition to bring the power of AI to even more people. Through versatile and easily customisable tools, we are bringing creators a new way to grow their business and share their creativity with the world. 

Meet our team

Simona Vasytė-Kudakauskė
Chief Executive Officer
Kęstutis Taučkėla
Chief Technology Officer
Vėja Doveikė
Head of Sales
Peter Betenev
Creative Director
Rytis Kelminskas
Head of Marketing
Modestas Gražys
AI Researcher
Vaidotas Senkus
DevOps Engineer
Tadas Goberis
Python Developer
Aistė Kanapickaitė
Harutyun Aslanyan
Lead Research Specialist

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